Dial Park, at the center of the St. Louis / Southwestern Illinois commerce hub, is the ideal location for any company. Madison County, one of the largest in Illinois, continues to grow in population & opportunities. Any business, from Sales & Consultants to Trucking lines, will benefit from Dial Park's close location & interaction with the city of St. Louis. A 2 minute drive from Dial Park to I-270 connects you & your business to a network of interstates, highways, & customers. Tale part of Dial Parks expansion plans & expand your business today.

Location, Location, Location

The high growth St. Louis / Southwestern Illinois region offers one of the most exciting commercial environments in the country - one which provides ever- increasing business opportunity, year after year, with no end in sight. Companies choosing Dial Park enjoy many advantages that aid in a company's success:
By choosing Dial Park you are minutes away from major highways including: Not only are you minutes away from major highways with Dial Park but your also close minutes away many Airports including: Catching a 45minute flight to Chicago or Kansas City to meet with potential clients. Dial Park has any travel destination with reach thanks to its close proximity to a major US city. Open your local business with easy travel options for new horizons.

In eight hours or less, you could reach a meeting in: Expanding your personal market has never been so easy.


Some of the Services you get when you choose Dial Park are:

Mission Statement

"Dial Properties is a commercial real estate development firm dedicated to our clients. We will provide the working space to meet the needs of clients through design and development. Whether your company revamps an existing structure or wants a custom-built center of operations, Dial Properties is dedicated to the development of long-term client relationships. We will assert management of all facilities so that clients can concentrate on their core business. The needs of clients are important to Dial Properties and we will provide the highest level of professionalism, service response and workmanship."